The name jar writing activity 2nd

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes Learning objectives Students will be able to write two explanatory paragraphs about their name. You need to make five words with the letters and then use each word in a sentence.

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They will be coming soon Circulate the room to make sure students are on the right track. Did the boy drink his milk? Reward the group that does the best job 10 points and the group that does second best 5 points. Related learning resources Lesson plan What's in a Name?

Pick a volunteer to write the number 43 on the dry erase board. Tell your child that the zero is similar to an uppercase O except that it is an oval shape instead of a round circle.

This numeral is the only one with a horizontal line that moves to the left, so guide him as he gets started. Pick students one at a time to fill in each part of the Attendance and lunch count section of the chart.

I also invited students to make connections our LA standard focus for the theme.

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The Writing Process This early in the school year, I wanted to provide a structure to help all of my students feel successful in their writing.

Memories From Your Childhood What was your favorite toy? I have a new product. Label a teddy bear shape for each child.

This earliest alphabet was a complete departure from the previous syllabaries. Hang the banner along a bulletin board Click Here for an idea that would look great with this.

How many simple sentences are there in the various paragraphs? They should be able to hear the music while they talk quietly among their friends at lunch.

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My students researched their names in three different ways: Have Kelsey be your assistant for calendar. Close your eyes and imagine the kind of world you would like to see. It also mirrors the topics of the other books in the text set. Then, without lifting his pencil, ask him to complete each small circle.

The symbols for numerals were not new.This interactive activity is embedded in our Second Grade Language Arts (2) Orange course. COURSE OVERVIEW This course provides a comprehensive and interrelated sequence of lessons for students to continue building their proficiency in literature and comprehension, writing skills.

Writing By Writers (WxW) is a (c)3 non profit organization whose mission is to create a rigorous and compassionate environment to learn the art of reading and writing from accomplished authors. WxW hosts multi-day writing workshops for people interested in writing fiction, nonfiction, memoir and poetry.

The last activity is a short writing activity that gives students the chance to talk about their own families which is great practice. If your students have already covered basic family vocabulary, take a look at the other worksheets in this section for something that will mesh with your lesson plan better.5/5(3).

This is an activity that I will be using with my special needs students during morning circle time for name and/or picture recognition. I made a large pair of dice out of cardboard and on each side placed a photo and name of each child. At the end of the activity, rearrange the class so that each audience type gets into a group.

Ask you students to share their solutions. Ask students to reflect on the types of words, expressions they used for the different audiences. We'll have to prepare the folder for download. It shouldn't take long. If you continue then we'll email you when it's ready, or you can download resources one-by-one inside the folder.

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The name jar writing activity 2nd
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