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Set in blitzkrieged London after World War II, the story details the exploits of the Wormsley Common Gang as they destroy a magnificent old house built by Christopher Wren and leave its occupant, an old decorator and builder, Mr. Thomas discovers was terribly misguided.

If I find him" -- the general smiled -- "he loses. The teddy boys got their name from their choice of attire; although they were generally working-class boys, they chose to wear Edwardian-style suits traditionally worn by young upper-class men. Should it be propped up here and there with the hope that it will stand for another century or two?

Miller observes that the story reflects conditions in England in the postwar years when the gradual recovery ushered in unexpected shifts in social and political dynamics.

There is a fundamental clash between the old generation and the new generation.

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After they have burnt the notes one by one, Blackie and T. The sight is neither pleasant nor notable; it is nondescript and boring.

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Obviously, a plot which involves the paradox of the artistic destruction of a fine work of art is strange, but it is considerably less so if one places the story and the characters in a more precise political and economic context. He is on a path that will only lead to more cruelty against other people, and his lack of remorse suggests that he is unaware that he should even be thinking about redemption.

He also distrusts anything having to do with the upper class. Greene died of a blood disease in Vevey, Switzerland, on April 3, The last burning note illuminates T.

The Destructors

Trevor destroys so that both he and Mr. Present your findings in a collage made up of drawings, photos, maps, headlines, text, and anything else that is appropriate. By the end of the story, however, he realizes that he was terribly misguided.

At first he is confused, but then he realizes that his truck was tied to a support beam of the gutted house, bringing it down. We are going to destroy this house.

When, on the second day, he complains that the destruction of the house is too much like work, he is easily talked into staying and helping. Thomas is indignant that the boys have broken onto his property, but he hears the yells of the boy supposedly locked in the toilet and allows himself to be hurried along by T.The Destructors by Graham Greene essay, buy custom The Destructors by Graham Greene essay paper cheap, The Destructors by Graham Greene essay paper sample, The Destructors by Graham Greene essay sample service online.

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Protagonist: Usually the main character, and the one whom the reader sympathizes or in some way identifies with. This character is commonly "the. The Destructors Short Story Analysis This short story written by Graham Greene depicts a group of teenage boys, who call themselves the Wormsley Common Gang, after an area where they lived in.

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The story takes place in Post-World War II. The kitchen was a shambles of broken glass and china. The dining-room was stripped of parquet, the skirting was up, the door had been taken off its hinges, and the destroyers had moved up a floor.

Streaks of light came in through the closed shutters where they worked with the seriousness of. THE DESTRUCTORS AND THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER A COMPARISON essays D. H. Lawrence wrote "The Rocking Hose Winner," and Graham Greene wrote "The Destructors.

Although the stories are very different in many aspects, both have to do with the concept of materialism.

One must analyze L. The Advantages of Stupidity - The reasons on how being stupid can get you far in life. ve a natural tendency to flow more easily, without the interruptionswhich occur from the editing of thoughts that logical people would have normally.

The desturctors essay
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