Observing math instruction

The opportunity was not awarded to investigate this record. After the lesson and the practicum experience it has become very clear that the use of standards are a very important aspect of education. The math standards are clear and concise, so the use of these standards has become practical and easy for most teachers to use.

The lessons are usually revolved around a textbook and the assessments are usually formal and informal tests. Most people like having a pattern or guide of some sort to follow because it takes the guess work out. The students are usually active and work in groups.

When she started the lesson she went over key phrases such as tenths, hundreds, and thousands, as well as place value Nelson, For the Spanish students there was a paraprofessional that translated and helped the Spanish students to understand the questions being asked.

Observing math instruction

There was no need to make any changes and in my opinion I would not have done anything different. Standards are the baseline for most Observing math instruction we do in life.

The teacher I observed was very effective in teaching her students because she engaged them and allowed them to interact with not only herself but the other students giving them an opportunity to learn the subject form many different aspects.

Children learn these skills as they grow and develop, even before they enter a classroom.

Observing math instruction

With tradition al instruction the teacher provides the information and is the main authoritative figure, they usually disseminate their knowledge. She used pictures, and drew something that resembled a T, this tool allowed the students to visualize the questions she was asking.

The questions were everyday questions that any of the students could identify with regardless of background or culture.

Retrieved July 12,from University of Illinois Library: She also explained that sometimes there are special education students in the class but the same procedure takes place with the paraprofessional. The use of standards can make teaching a better experience on my opinion. There are six principles that lead teachers and also help them understand the standards that are being addressed; these are equity, curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment and technology Burns, Teachers have shown concern as to how the standards can be addressed and applied in the classroom and through the activities that they are doing with their students.

The teacher did however use an overhead board that had some technological tools. She then wrote a new set of numbers on the board and had the students work on them until they were comfortable.

Math is a rational subject that has to have a logical outcome with certain steps having been performed.

Introduction to the Mathematics Instructional Practice Guide

Tens, hundreds, thousands, decimal, and place value Materials: The teacher may ot recognize that the student solved the problem in a different or easier way because they did not follow the step by step instructions of the teacher causing the student to feel bad or unsure of themselves.

The reasoning for this is many teachers have been in the system for a while and are not as open to using updated information.

When they are introduced to the classroom environment and begin to build on what they already have learned standards are involved in helping them evolve and adapt and build that solid foundation for future use.Capture the essence of the forest with Drawing Trees and Leaves.

Trees are a perennially inspiring subject for artists. Think of their beautiful multicolored leaves in the fall, or the way the snow settles on their branches in the winter.

Observing Math instruction - Essay Example

leadership content knowledge, mathematics, observation, pedagogy, teacher growth What Elementary Leaders Need to Know in Order to Observe Mathematics Instruction and Provide Feedback to Teachers Effectively: A Delphi Study.

Math workshop is a framework that allows students to learn new math content each day, practice math strategies in a variety of ways, and reflect on learning through verbal or written sharing.

The predictable structure of math workshop makes it easier for students to participate in differentiated activities. Observing math instruction. 8 August Education; During recent observation of a math class in an elementary school the opportunity was permitted to see if and how certain math standards were being used in the classroom.

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Observing math instruction
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